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Private Sessions


High Five Hand Skills offers private, 1:1 occupational therapy sessions specializing in fine motor, visual motor, visual perceptual and visual tracking/scanning skills. We are also passionate about self-regulation and social emotional skills improved through the practice of mindfulness. 



Occupational therapists are often thought of as "handwriting specialists." Improved handwriting is actually a result of working on all of the subskills that allow us to write legibly and this is where the expertise of occupational therapists is invaluable. 

Engaging activities


The typical occupational therapy session is one hour in duration. We generally start out with self-regulation and gross motor activities, followed by engaging fine motor/hand strengthening activities and ending with individually specific occupational therapy interventions.



High Five Hand Skills is always up to date as a result of continual research on the best and newest games to address very specific skills. Participation in these games leads to increased motivation and interest to participate in OT sessions! 

Room to Move


Unique to High Five Hand Skills is that we are fortunate enough to share the same space as Footprints Kids Yoga! This offers us studio space to perform our gross motor and self-regulation activities! We even collaborate with Footprints Kids Yoga for special events! 



High Five Hand Skills is a Blue Cross Blue Shield provider. If you do not have Blue Cross Blue Shield, this does not mean that you are not able to receive our services. Typically, insurances companies will reimburse you with all of the correct paperwork that you submit yourself. High Five Hand Skills helps you to facilitate this process.