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High Five Hand Skills & Footprints Kids Yoga

High Five Hand Skills & Footprints Kids Yoga came together in March of 2016 with the common goal of providing exceptional services to children and families. High Five & Footprints continually collaborate utilizing a mindfulness and wellness frame of reference to provide children with opportunities to successfully participate in their academics and other life occupations. While running our own separate businesses, High Five & Footprints come together frequently to offer movie nights, wellness nights and mindfulness workshops, retreats and classes to children. 


yoga & occupational therapy

There is a truly natural connection between occupational therapy and yoga. Both have a common goal of improving the mind/body/spirit connection. In occupational therapy, children work on improving gross and fine motor skills; visual skills; sensory processing and self regulation; attention & focus; social skills; life skills; and overall academic skills. During yoga, children are taught breathing and calming techniques to relax the body. This "Yoga Toolbox" lays the foundation to assist children in the self regulation process needed to participate in occupational therapy treatment sessions. Yoga and occupational therapy work, in compliment of each other, on postural control, core strength, bilateral integration, crossing midline, body awareness, right/left discrimination, motor planning, vestibular movement, praxis and visual scanning just to name a FEW skills.