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About me & high five hand skills

My name is Amy Danick and I am a mom of two, occupational therapist and momtrepreneur, establishing High Five Hand Skills in March of 2016.

I began my college career after leaving my hometown of Falmouth, MA in 1994. It took me a good amount of time to find out what I was passionate about, starting at Fisher College  in Boston for Hospitality and Hotel Management where I truly fell in love with our amazing state capital. 

I then had the opportunity to live in South Boston for many years while attending the University of Massachusetts Boston where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology. I was engrossed and interested in the study of other cultures, even the culture of primates, which fascinated me. 

My last stop of my education career was at Tufts University in Medford, where I earned a Master's of Science in Occupational Therapy. I subsequently became certified and licensed in the fall of 2003. 

My first job after finishing grad school, was a director of occupational therapy position at a geriatric psychiatric unit at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford. I truly loved this job, but unfortunately it was quite a commute. 

I eventually settled in Quincy, MA where I went to work at Quincy Medical Center on the transitional care unit., a physical rehabilitation unit. The days of transitional care units are almost obsolete now, with only one or two remaining in the area. After the one at Quincy Medical Center closed, I transferred to acute care. 

As I began to have children, I was looking for a more flexible schedule. I have been at Quincy Public Schools for 14 years working as an occupational therapist in 5 different schools, Pre-K to 8th grade. 

High Five Hand Skills was founded as a result of a recognized need for supplemental services to what children were receiving in school. I soon began to realize that some schools did not offer occupational services at all. High Five also provides enrichment activities and classes.